As you may have noticed there has been a distinct lack of posting over the last few weeks. In one sense I’m happy because I have quite a good excuse for not getting anything done for once ,however I’m not sure that the nasty scars on my face as a result of a rather unfriendly encounter between my face and Upper Clapton Road are worth it. I should probably mention here that I fell off my bike on the way to a blogging session and wasn’t in any sort of fight as it seems most people who’ve seen me have thought. Anyway, a broken nose and six stitches later I am back and have plans to enter a worst injury of the month competition in my Dad’s cycling magazine. Here’s hoping for a ‘victory’ of sorts, I will of course keep you posted on the matter!

I am sure that I have your implicit trust when it comes to the factual accuracy of my writing but if you do find yourselves questioning the truth in my story here is a rather lovely picture taken by Charlie when he very kindly came to make sure I was alright: